Gorta Group delivers medical supplies to Ukraine

THE GORTA GROUP is delivering medical supplies, food and other essentials in Ukraine TODAY.

YOU can make an immediate difference to the lives of thousands affected by the war through tax exempt donations.

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As millions flee the fighting in eastern Ukraine, towns and cities in the west of the country are now caring for many more sick, wounded and vulnerable. Gorta Group is there, working on your behalf to deliver medicines and other critical supplies.

Gorta Group has delivered the first shipment of medical supplies to a large district hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk, just 270km from the EU border with Slovakia.

This hospital received all its medical supplies from the central government in Kyiv, covering the full range of paediatric, maternity and general medical treatment. The supply of medicines from Kyiv has stopped and it is critically low on supplies as many people transit through the area, fleeing the fighting.

Working with local partners Step-in and 1317, we are making an immediate difference to the people of Ukraine.

We will continue to support with medical supplies but are now assessing needs for power generators along with food and non-food supplies.

Please donate today, to make an immediate difference in the lives of thousands affected by the war

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